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Huizhou University (HZU) is a public comprehensive university located in Huizhou, a city of historical and cultural significance and a key node of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. HZU was founded in 1946 as Guangdong Provincial Huizhou Normal School, and has since evolved into a provincial undergraduate institution with a focus on engineering and a balanced development of multiple disciplines. HZU upholds the motto of “Be Prudent and Discerning, Seek Truth and Apply It”, and strives to become a high-level applied university that cultivates talents with scientific spirit, humanistic quality, international vision, and innovative thinking. HZU is an important cradle of talents for the Dongjiang River Basin and beyond.

HZU has a beautiful campus that covers an area of about 1.71 square kilometers, with modern facilities and abundant greenery. It has been awarded the title of “Garden School” by the Huizhou Municipal Government for five consecutive years. HZU has a rich collection of books and resources in its library, which holds over one million volumes. HZU also has various student organizations and activities that cater for different interests and specialties, ranging from science and technology to art, culture and sport.

HZU has 16 departments, an Adult Education College and 17 institutes, offering 42 undergraduate programs and 18 diploma programs. These programs cover nine discipline categories, such as engineering, physics, liberal arts, social sciences, environmental science, biology, chemistry, computer science, business, mathematics, psychology, economics, art and design. HZU has a strong faculty team of over 1,200 members, including 800 full-time teachers, 300 professors and associate professors, and 200 doctoral and master’s degree holders. HZU also has a large student body of over 20,000 full-time students and 10,000 adult students.

HZU has achieved remarkable results in scientific research and social service. It has undertaken over 1,000 scientific research projects at various levels, published over 4,000 academic papers and 100 books, and obtained over 200 patents and awards. HZU has also established extensive cooperation and exchange with over 40 universities and institutions from more than 20 countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, and Hong Kong. HZU has also cultivated many outstanding alumni who have made significant contributions to various fields of society. Read More.

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