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Shanghai Baoshan World Foreign Language School (hereinafter referred to as BWFL) is located in Gucun. It is a 12-year full-time private school directly under Shanghai World Foreign Language (WFL) Education Group, a subsidiary of JuneYao Group. It has been one of the iconic schools of Shanghai World Foreign Language Education Group.

BWFL adheres to the principle of  WFL  Education  Group,“let students embrace the world, let the world be part of the school”, and  actively explores the curriculum approach of “global vision, localized courses, individualized learning, process evaluation, and stepped development”. It takes root in traditional Chinese culture while keeping eyes on the multi-dimensional world culture and combines national and Shanghai curriculum in a steady pace. It is constantly creating   diversified learning environment and experiences in science and technology, humanities, PE and art. It is aimed to establish BWFL curriculum system with cross-domain integration, cross-culture understanding and cross-time and space flying while featuring foreign languages and science and technology. We hope to cultivate Chinese young students into future elites with the unyielding pursuit for global responsibility, betterment, diversity, and excellence.

The campus of BSWFLS exhibits a grand beauty. The school boasts multiple interactive spaces including a number of comprehensive science laboratories, science and innovation experimental centers, drama rooms, Ted center, open learning space, constant temperature swimming pool and indoor sports venues. We hope that every space can let teachers and students participate in the reconstruction, it belongs to every BSWFLSer, full of dreams, vibrant;We hope that each space can collide with the curriculum in a pluralistic way, which is in harmony with the 3C curriculum, full of unknown and facing the future; We hope that every space can have a passionate dialogue with us, which contains educational ideas, educational concepts, full of love and courage, responsibility and perseverance.

There are also a group of dream chasers in BSWFLS. Full of love and rationality, they are sure to make remarkable achievements by implementing 2.0 version of school-running standards and practices under the guidance of WFL Education Group.

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